Looking for A Catering Facility That’s Clearly Different?

Looking for A Catering Facility That’s Clearly Different?Catering Facility

If you are looking for an Elegant Event Catering Pottstown PA that will cater all your needs, then Gianni’s Catering and Events is what you are looking for.  

Gianni’s Catering and Events is committed in providing the best catering reception that promotes healthy and delicious food.  They offer daily meals that are packed with a proper nutritional value.  They also tend to use lesser amount of salts, sugar and fats to their menus.  Gianni’s staff are also equipped with proper knowledge to advice their customers if they want a healthier diet.  They can also provide a specialized meal to those people who have allergy issues and diet restrictions.

Gianni’s Catering and Events specialized in corporate, social and wedding reception catering Pottstown, pa.  They offer an event package that is inclusive of chairs, guest tables, linen, linen napkins, table covers, buffet table, mixers, non-alcoholic drinks, glassware, ice, professional staff, event organizers, kitchen personnel, and bartenders.

They also offer service for special events like Retirement Party Pottstown, PA.   They understand that people who are executing this type of events are much needier and subject to alteration and changes.  They are patient and make it a point to their clients’ demands and needs.

Their Catering Venue Pottstown, PA can also accommodate corporate events.  Corporate events may range from a simple executive meeting to large group training and even product launches.  During the planning stage, they will be able to return all phone calls and respond to the important emails in a very timely manner.  Their corporate event is also not limited to privates but can also accommodate different organizations.  They understand their needs and Gianni’s will be able to meet their required standards for an Elegant Event Catering Pottstown PA.

Gianni’s Catering and Events is a sister company of Giovanni’s Pizza.  Originally named as Dunn’s Row Inn, the facility went into a complete renovation and is now accepting different events.  They offer the same meal and recipes as their sister company who got nothing but great testimonials and rave reviews.  Giovanni’s Pizza offers tasting that will give you an idea of what Gianni has to offer.

Gianni’s Catering was able to build a close relationship with their customers.  They know how to deliver an impeccable customer service by being attentive to the needs of the customers and ending every conversation with a smile.  They make it a point to give satisfaction to their customers by delivering a consistent quality service and treating them with care.  They make sure that they will be leaving a lasting impression to their customers.

Gianni’s Catering and Events is located at 1445 East Schuylkill Rd. Pottstown, PA 19465.  You may call them at 610.705.4000.  Don’t take my word for it, visit them and experience their different catering facility that offers a whole lot of new experience.