Costs of Hosting a Wedding Reception

Costs of Hosting a Wedding Reception Wedding Reception

If you are planning an event, then catering for the invited guests is one of the most important parts of the planning process. Coming up with an accurate catering budget will help you cater for all the food and beverage needs of all the attending guests. It is important to ensure that you get the best wedding reception catering Pottstown, pa; taking some time to carefully plan every detail is essential. When you get down to preparing a catering budget, or begin collecting quotes from catering companies you need to have an idea of what should be included. Below we will look at a variety of the factors to include in a catering budget.

Food items

The first and most significant cost item included in a catering budget is food. When considering the food to be served during a wedding reception, it is important to take some important factors into consideration. First and foremost, you will need to consider the options the guests will have. If you are thinking about having a meal with numerous courses, then this cost will rise given the number of guests at the party. The meal courses include appetizers, the main course and desserts.


Beverages are also among the most important budget items included in the cost of event catering. When estimating the cost of drinks at your planned wedding reception you will want to consider the type of drinks your guests will consume. The options include non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks, juices and water among others. An open bar will definitely translate into a higher cost as compared to other options, like specialty drinks served for the tasting experience. When deciding on the beverages to be served at an event, it is important to consider the type of even and the demographics of the invited guests.

Service quality

The service quality at an event is usually determined by the catering staff. Lowering the ratio between the number of attendants and guests at the event will help improve the quality of service. However, this also means raising the catering budget as well so as to have Gianni’s Catering and Events host the function. Gianni’s Catering and Events has a trained staff with the necessary catering experience.


Getting all your catering equipment from one company including tables and chairs to be arranged in the wedding reception is great for convenience purposes. This will then become part of the catering budget, and is an important cost item. Getting all this equipment from one company makes coordination of the arrangement much easier. When planning an event, you will be more than happy to have an easier time putting everything together and pulling off the even with ease and convenience.