Italian Cuisine To Celebrate Your Retirement

Salute to Retirement: Italian Cuisine to Celebrate Retiring Retirement Party

Italy is one of the favorite places for retirement by Americans due to its rich culture, picturesque sights, kind people, and great food. But not everyone is fortunate or bold enough to actually pack their bags and move to the land of pasta and pizza. Whether you’re one of those lucky ones or not, you can still enjoy a taste of Italy by indulging in Italian food on your retirement party Pottstown, PA.

Italian food offers lots of choices for hors d’oeuvres or appetizers. Aside from being flavorful, this is perfect for parties since it is easy to serve and eat. You can chat with your friends while munching on mozzarella sticks or a variety of cheese and crackers. Other popular choices of hors d’oeuvre are the bruschetta and crisped bread dipped in olive oil. Seafood has also been a famous appetizer choice in Italy due to the country’s location of being alongside the sea.  Enjoy sea scallops and fried calamari dipped in savory or sweet sauces to prepare your palate before proceeding to the main meal. Hors d’oeuvres are a staple part of Italian dining since their small, flavorful servings are enough for one not to be full and have the appetite to proceed to the main course. Sometimes Italian hors d’oeuvres are enough food for retirement parties since it is appropriate for the parties’ combined atmosphere of professionalism (because of the retiree’s colleagues in work) and casualness (because of the retiree’s friends).

A variety of chicken, beef, vegetable, and fish dishes are the options for the main course for more formal dining. Wine-infused and homemade savory sauces are definitive of a classic Italian dish such as the Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast with the roasted garlic Alfredo sauce, Sautéed Crabcakes with Shrimp Scampi sauce, and Baked Eggplant in creamy Rosa sauce. Italian cuisine will not be complete without pasta. For pasta, you can choose from ravioli, lasagna, manicotti, among the many. Each pasta dish is accompanied by a flavorful sauce and bits of meat, fish, or vegetables.

Wine and coffee are always present in menus of Italian restaurants either to be drunk together with the meal or after the meal. Wine is apt for the festive mood of the party especially when making toasts for the retiree. Coffee is served after meal to drown the strong taste of mixed spices. A delightful dessert is also a good finish to a scrumptious meal. Gelato and Tiramisu are among the favorite choices of Italian desserts.

If you opt for Italian cuisine to be served to your retirement party, it is more practical to hire a catering service than spend a huge amount in some expensive Italian restaurant. Gianni’s Catering offers a menu that can be modified to suit your retirement party Pottstown, PA. In its package, it also includes the table design and setting, the servers, and the venue (optional).